Day 3, Native New Yorker has great hot wings, (the suicide wings are awesome). I can’t say why I like crisping my taste buds to death, or burning the heck out of my mouth; I can’t taste anything for a week after, and my lips are numb for the rest of the night, however, NNY wings aren’t just breaded wings dipped in Tabasco sauce-I’m not a huge fan of Tabasco sauce;  they have their own tasty flavor.

The absolute best hot wings I’ve ever had are from Thomaston, a small town in Georgia, I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant-I wonder if they deliver to Phoenix? Anywho, the next best is definitely NNY.

Tomorrow I may or may not post, I am driving to San Diego for Kirstin’s graduation from The Job Corps. It took almost two years, but she persevered, they persevered, and she made it! Woohoo! I’m very proud of her. Here’s to a 12 hour drive to support my youngun’ go Kiki, go Kiki…

Lorelei’s moving back in. I tell ya, ya finally get ’em out, and they keep comin’ back… What’s up with that! It’s okay, I’ll truly miss her when she’s gone, call me crazy, but I sorta like having a full house.

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