Well, mistakes do happen. It turns out that Ki’s graduation is not today, but on February 8th. Luckily I found this out BEFORE I rented the minivan to carry us to San Diego in-whew! I just happen to go to the wrong rental office, on our way to the correct office, Ki called to find out what time the ceremony was to be held and found out that our dates were off by a month… close.

Determined to go on a road trip, Beth (eldest and besterest sister of mine), and I went to Snowflake to visit the undergrounds. Left flowers and a few tears (though if you ask I’ll completely deny the tears), and came back home. Always enjoy our little excursions. Don’t ask what we talk about, ’cause I aint tellin’.

Brent and Bludo went with. We even stopped to play in the snow; though my threats of snowballs to the head were curtailed by the hard icy snow. Still threw a few-missed everything I aimed at darn-it, but had fun. We finally bundled back into the car after poor little Bludo’s teeth started chattering. Not enough fur to keep his little body warm with.

Am debating on turning my novels into a series of novelettes. Will get back to you on that one. Any comments on that subject are welcome.

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