Just a quickie before I go to work: Yes, I do work nights; three 12 hour shifts a week.

Why, you may ask, does such a talented writer such as I have to work? Did I mention shy, nervous, etc. One day I will be confident enough to get paid for what I write, this is the beginning. Right now, I wanted to jot something down before I whisk myself away to the daily… uh, nightly grind of the mundane, though my job is anything but mundane.

Tonight I get to work with my sister!!! I don’t see her but a few times but it’s enough. We do spend lunch together-most of the time… it’s all in the timing. I’d love to create a reality show about it, but I wouldn’t even know where to start on that one. I don’t even dare post anything about work without violating some policy and procedure, or privacy act, so that’s all you get from me about my job.

This is still new, so the next few days is an experiment on how I’ll manage writing in my sleep.

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