Moving day, so much for sleeping. Up early, looking at one heck of a night.

Why is it that people will spend more time trying to maneuver a bulky item (like a bed frame) around a tight corner, going back and forth down a narrow hall, in and out of one bedroom then the next, spending 30 minutes denting door frames, puncturing walls, pinching fingers, hands, arms, and lets not forget smashing toes-oh, please, not the toes… before finally taking the legs off, when all they had to do was take the legs off in the first place, but didn’t want to spend the 5 minutes to do it? Nope, don’t understand that one.

Shaking your head sadly and say in unison “I don’t get it.”

One thought on “D

  1. Your blogs are captivating. Set up an area where you can post your side stories 🙂

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