Two down, two to go. To think I used to work six nights in a row to get eight off-it was well worth it though. Kids that cooperate and let you sleep is vital. Most of the time that works, but I’ll be doggoned if teenagers aren’t needier that babies at times. I love my kids dearly, but sometimes I want to tape their mouths shut and Velcro them to the corner… but that’s usually after I’ve only slept 2 hours after working all night and I must get up in 20 minutes to work 12 more. It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

I’ll be searching several things over the next few days: How to set up a side area for stories… Pages, yea, how to make pages accessible, and uh…

Ever wake up in the middle of the night… day in this case, STARVING!

Well, don’t fall into that trap. I read somewhere that if you feel hungry you should eat… I gained 10 pounds before I realized why. so now I just tell my stomach to hush up and go back to sleep.

Ugh, I’m still sleepy, I’m going back to bed. Happy Birthday to my second-we’ll party like it’s 1999 on Monday. Good night… um, day.

Oh, and twitter, and links… mustn’t forget those.

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