My brain is fuzzy. I would like to believe that I’m fully functional even when I can’t think straight, but let’s face it… Life would be so much easier if I didn’t have to sleep.

What do you post when you can’t think of anything to post?

I s’pose I could fall back on the next few pages of my book. The first couple are posted under W. This is the next section:

-As soon as the cruiser left, a shadow emerged from where he watched silently within the concealment of the trees.

Lifting his head, he inhaled the aromas of the scene. The sweet smell of blood aroused a strong desire to feed. The glands in his upper jaw ached and he bit down to release the surplus anticoagulant into his mouth—a toxin lethal to most humans; if they didn’t die of shock, or the complete lack of blood first. Quelling his desire, he focused on the task at hand; he would deal with his hunger later.

“Lucas!” He growled when he looked into the first car, recognizing the scent of its latest occupant. Cursing the name of the maleficent being he was tempted to drop his investigation and pursue him, but curiosity and the appealing scent of the woman drew him to the other vehicle.

He inhaled in the enticingly fragrance of the woman’s blood trying to evoke where the familiarity came from; but it had been too long since he last fed and his desire resurfaced once more.

Following the path of the officer, he walked around to the passenger’s door to finish his investigation. Unlike the officer he didn’t need a flashlight and saw, in the darkness more than the man could with the light. In the congealed blood by the open door, he saw something—a small pool of uncoagulated blood. Touching the liquid with his finger he tasted the flavour committing it to memory. He then pulled a small pack from his jacket pocket, tore it open and used the alcohol pad to wipe away the appealing aroma.

Staring down the highway where the police cruiser disappeared moments before, he speculated about the mystery before him. Why did Lucas stop after tasting her blood? He wondered. Was it the animal? The dog the officer carried away must have attacked… No, he conjectured; the beast would have had no impact on Lucas while he fed; something else must have stopped him.

It matters not, he resolved, I will find out soon enough. Bowing his head he mourned the tragedy before him—both the woman and the animal would die very horrible deaths—or… Will this one live? He wondered; wishing he could examine the body. Alas, I am too late; it will have to be left to another.

Jogging back into the blackened forest, he followed the blood scent revealing the cold trail; “It is only a matter of time Lucas, before I enjoy killing you!” He snarled, as he disappeared into the shadows from whence he came.

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