Aaaaaah! Did that get your attention? No?

AAAAAAAAH! How about that?

Oh well. Floundering here. I created this site to introduce my book, TWISTED FATE; now that it’s introduced, what next?

‘I’m thinking… I’m thinking…’ (line from a movie; can you guess which one?)

I’ve thought of making my book a series of novellas, much like the Hardy Boys, or Goosebumps, but don’t know how it would be received by the general readulace – new word meaning readers of a particular genre, author, series, etc…

Anywho, leave any comments or ideas on the novella. The first third of the actual novel would be written into the first novella if I were to decide to write my story in that particular format. Either way, you get a preview of the first part of the book.

There is a website called AuthorStand at www.AuthorStand.com.  Signing up is free, after which you can access not only my book, but books from other new authors as well. Enter leri lake in the search box under author and it will pull up TWISTED FATE-Twisted. Click to download and enjoy.

One thought on “E

  1. Write your first book(s) to establish the story and continue the series with the novellas

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