I traded days with a friend at work. As I thought about this post I wondered ‘what is a friend?’ Now, I don’t really hang out with this person I’m referencing. I don’t really know her likes and dislikes. We’ve talked, shared problems, pissed and moaned about things and situations together, but that’s really as far as it’s gone.

I was told, many years ago, luckily while still in the throes of youth, that you should treat your family better than your friends. They are the people who are connected to you through the most intimate ties… literally. I understand that there are exceptions, and that some family dynamics just don’t allow for close ties, but in general, your family consist of the people that stand by you, are there when you need help, are the ones that pick you up when you fall; so yea, they should be the ones we treat the best-yet unfortunately, more often than I wish to consider, they are the ones we treat the worst and it hurts not just the people in these unfortunate situation, but the whole world.

On Facebook, everyone is called your friend. We see their pictures, sayings, complaints, successes, etc… some we totally get, some we delete on site, and some we skip over completely, or even block their posts from showing on our wall at all. Even though we accept them as friends, are they?

So I pose the question; what is a friend?

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