I’m thinking… I’m thinking…

Yes! I’m sure some of you got the line; I’m thinking… I’m thinking… is from ‘Night at the Museum 2′, It’s been a while since I’ve watched it so no review. I do know that I enjoyed it.

The best part of dieting is the healthy eating. If I would just buckle down and eat healthy all of the time, I wouldn’t find myself in this situation. Ok… start over.

My name is Valerie and I’m a foodaholic. I am, I truly am. Give me sweet, syrupy, chocolatey, fat loaded, candy coated crap any day and I will gladly gobble it up with the best of them. My poor body.

So, here I am, determined to do my body right, and be good for the next two months. We’ll talk about the rest of my life then, but for now two months is good. I can do two months – no sweat, yea, two months…

Already, this first day, technically the third, but I’m not really counting the first two, ’cause I cheated; anyways, I woke up, well, awake. Go figure, me, actually awake before the sun hits the horizon. Yes, I am a night person, and no, I’m not a vampire, I just like nights.

Maybe I got hung up on vampires because I like nights – you know, common likes and all that… Nah, vampires are scary and I like to be scared, though, Lyn, the main character in TWISTED FATE, is relatively tame for a vampire, although she is a doctor, and though she wants to kill everyone in sight; okay, just suck their blood, but hey, she’s newly infected and doesn’t have the control not to kill, so same difference… She is a doctor first – No, I didn’t get the idea from Stephenie Meyer and yes, she did inspire me to develop the story. She did steal (not really) many of the names I had for my characters – it’s okay, there are plenty of names to go around.

Anywho must fly, have a great following today and for many days after.

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