I often wander aimlessly through my day wondering (wander, wonder-I love using those words together in the same sentence) ‘where does the time go?’

Don’t get me wrong. Working nights has made me a huge time waster-in my own mind anyways, and I think ‘if only I didn’t have to sleep, I would get so much done.’ Perhaps that is true, on the other hand, I love to sleep, I do, I really, really do. Not the time wasting sleep that has you in your bed too tired to get up, but unable to slip away into the oblivious unconsciousness that we all crave for at least once a night, where we wake up, stretch and say “man, that felt good!” Ah yea, that is what I mean. I get up after such a sleep and dash through the day getting everything done that needs doing, fall into my bed late at night, (there are no early nights for me, I am truly and completely a night person) and think ‘Now that was a good day!’

‘Early to bed and early to rise’ has never applied to me. Sure, sure, I have had jobs (infrequently) where I’ve had to get up and start my day before 0600, but that doesn’t mean that I go to bed early. I’m just not truly tired until after midnight, regardless of how few hours I’ve slept. Try to explain that to a morning person… they just don’t get it.

Back to needing no sleep. I think it was Benjamin Franklin (yes him again) that used to sleep several times during the day instead of one big chunk at night, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t feel inclined to look it up right at this moment, and since I’m the one writing this, I don’t have to. So, if I could adapt myself to his scheduling, would I get more done, or wander through my day half dazed, wondering what needs to get done that I’m not doing?

Of course, making lists would work, and they do work, in fact, most of the most successful people are list makers. I once was a list maker, and I have to admit that my days ran smoother when I made them; but alas, life threw me a double, actually a triple whammy and it’s taken me this long to recover from it. So maybe it’s time to start listing again. I shall ponder on that thought tonight while tied to my desk at work.

Where is all this going? Good question. I suppose I could make the point that we should respect each others sleep schedules, or we should all embrace our differences… there’s half a dozen adages that could apply; so just pick one that applies to you.

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