Vamped out

I don’t know with absolution that vampires are not real. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was never besotted by vampires until falling in love with the sulking Louis and the arrogant vampire Lestat from Ann Rice’s novel ‘Interview With A Vampire’. Though I never truly thought about wanting to actually meet a vampire, or particularly wanted to become one, I have been known to joke about being a vampire because of the strange hours I keep.

Lyn came into being shortly after watching ‘Queen of the Damned’ with one of my children. A movie based on the book with the same title by Ann Rice. I have mixed feelings about the movie, but soon after seeing the show Lyn trickled into my mind, flourished, and grew into a full blown novel.

I’ve written several books and really had no intentions of publishing this one until a friend of mine read some blurbs and encouraged me to work it into print-harder said than done. For one, to grow it into a novel there are guidelines to follow, thoughts and ideas to follow, situations to present, stress and tension to manage, and then there’s the all consuming ending which I am most inefficient at. After three or four books worth of story, and with several spin-off stories to boot (most of my characters want stories of their own), I trudged through a hopefully suitable ending for ‘Twisted Fate’.

Initially I wrote my story as if it were a research project. Being interested in the mechanics of the human body, I created a virus as the initial cause of becoming a vampire. I found that I was having too much fun with the how’s and why’s and neglected Lyn’s story – badly. I forced myself to pull back from all of the medical jargon and stuck with the how’s and the shock factor of a doctor facing the fact that vampires are real and she was one.

Eventually she decides to tell her friends and colleagues, but that is another story. You’ll have to wait to find out if she’s committed or not. Plus you’ll also find out what happens when she meets others of her kind after she’s drawn to the annual gathering, called by the master of her creator-a call that she cannot refuse.

Want more? I surely do hope so ’cause I’m having a great time discovering her story and hope that you have an equally great time reading it.

New Page

A new page is available. It’s a rough draft about how Megan (Lyn’s best friend in my book Twisted Fate) met Richard, her husband. It’s not a vampire story, so may apeal to other tastes. I’m not big on romance, not really sure what else you’d call it. I have no intentions of publishing it, but thought that those that have read the book might be interested in some of the characters within. It’s called simply ‘Megan’.