The Passage of Time

Tic-toc, tic-toc, tic-toc… The passage of time is relative;

Time is a mysterious thing. How many times do we look at the clock thinking that the hands just won’t move, or feel that time is slipping away and we don’t have time enough to get the things done that we want.

It always amazes me when I’m having one of those nights; you know the ones, where time seems to take twice as long to pass… anywho, it never fails, as I sit wondering what I can do to make the clock spin, that one of my co-workers will comment on how fast the time has passed. If they’re a friend of mine I tell them to get out of my face and don’t come near my desk again-I have rubber bands and I’m not afraid to use them! I can talk to my friends that way ’cause they know me and won’t take me seriously.

Sometimes there’s a cure for nights like that, other times, it doesn’t matter how busy you are, the clock moves at half speed-those are the absolute worst nights of all. You’re busy as all get out and the clock just refuses to move… Luckily the night does end, after all time doesn’t really stop, it just seems like it.

Then there are times, when life is glorious and you don’t want the time to pass, and the time faeries bless you with extra time for the same price. Yea, those times are rare, but nice, absolutely nice; but alas, that time also passes.

What’s the point? Aw heck, you should know by now that there ain’t no point to my ramblins, I just share bits of thoughts flying through my brain at a thousand miles an hour, bits that sometimes find their way out into the open; bits that are locked up so tight they have no chance of escaping. Sometimes they do… but that’s another post for another time.

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