The Power of Touch

I frequently trudge through my day wondering if we were a more touchy-feely type society, I don’t mean sexual touching, just a brush of a hand on a shoulder when we pass, or a touch on the wrist when we talk, would we have fewer people with social issues.

Is it that our society is so afraid of sending sexual messages that we withhold a basic need from each other. I’ve seen families have entire conversations without even the barest of acknowledgements through a simple brush of fingers. Why?

I have to admit, that even I, as a youth, was afraid to touch others. It was after an unfortunate turn of events that took our brother from us that my family began to talk, pay attention, hug, touch…

Unfortunately, there are predators out there, but we can still show that we care, to those we care about, even if it’s a brief touch of the hand, it doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t even mean anything more than, ‘I acknowledge you, and desire your humanity.’

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