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I love rainy days. Being a desert rat I suppose it’s inevitable that I would value any moisture that graces us from above, although I do know many that share my back ground who don’t appreciate the gift of life as much as I, but most do.

A couple of weeks ago, a comment was made by a passerby at work; with much disdain I paraphrase, for my memory refuses to disclose the exact wording, anywho, she said something like, ‘Just when we think we’ve gotten rid of the rain, it comes back’. I know it’s a lame rendition and would love to flower it up, but that was the gist of it and with no rain, there are no flowers.

I would love to have rebutted her chagrin for the life giving moisture that the desert never seems to have enough of, but not only is it not in my nature, I’m pretty sure the management would not have approved of my remarks. Besides, I don’t much care for the person, so I rarely engage in conversation with her anyways.

All that said, I wondered how one could live in the desert and not want it to rain? Even when we have too much rain, it’s a good thing, after all, isn’t everyone aware of how drastically low the reservoirs have gotten? And though I know that you’re miserable in the snowy areas of the country, it’s water, run-off, a source of renewal for the aquifers that get so very depleted that sinkholes are created; and seriously, who likes sinkholes? Certainly not anyone’s who’s driven into one.

What, you may ask is the point to my latest bit of ranting? Appreciation; you don’t have to like the moisture graced upon us, but everyone should at least appreciate it.

For more information on groundwater depletion visit

For wicked photos of sinkholes visit

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