Desert Green

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I had the pleasure of driving down Highway 87 on the way to Sycamore Creek and noted the true awesomeness of the desert. You see, the desert has this amazing power to transform it’s colors at the drop of scattered showers. The drab olive of scrub brushes, and dusty brown sand turn into this amazing carpet of lush hues of green covering the sand and new buds of bright green on the dingiest of bushes. What a show!

My favorite part of the desert, aside from the hidden beauty when water influences the abundance of seeds lying around, are the enormous rocks jutting out of the earth forming majestic mountains. It almost looks as though some giant fist struck the ground from below, forcing the rocks upward to form these amazing monoliths.

Anyone who knows me well knows that my preference is for the forests and trees, but even I must stare in awe at the beautiful transformation from a multitude of brown to a myriad of green. Yea, the desert does have it’s moments.

Photo courtesy of

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