Forgive and… well, just forgive

 It’s easy to get angry. It’s easy to stay angry, to want to punish the source of that anger thinking that somehow, causing pain to someone else will make it all go away… well it doesn’t. The thing about anger, punishment, and revenge is that it is not self satisfying. Somehow, you gotta do worse, more horrifying deeds to satiate the need to satisfy those strong emotions. Unfortunately, they are never satisfied and the recipient usually pays a far greater price for your anger than the infraction that they inflicted in the first place. Now who is the monster? The person who caused the initial pain? Pain often caused in error, or because they suffer their own pain, or the monster that continues to inflict pain because their need for revenge just doesn’t go away.

My point? Why suffer? They say forgiveness is a divine gift, I say forgiveness is less painful. Once you forgive someone it’s over. No undying hunger, monopolizing your life, demanding constant satisfaction. Yea, it sucks, it hurts, it’s wrong that some people go unpunished for wrongs done, but why give them the power to feed your pain. Forgiveness is not for them, it’s for you; it allows you to move on and live.

Take power into your own hands, live for your own life.

We’re taught that forgiveness is the right thing to do; I say it just makes good sense.

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