I am alive!

   Picture by Michelle Hodak; courtesy of coverjunction.com

I’m alive, I’m alive!!!

Do you ever feel like life just slips? I mean, one day every things dandy, and then *poof*, something’s off kilter. You wake up one morning, blink the sleep out of your eyes and wonder, ‘What just happened?’

You look around, gather evidence of the passage of time and realize that you’ve lost days. Not that you weren’t there for those days, they are, after all, right there in your memory, but your normal routines just slid to the side, and everything just sort of melted into the background.

Suddenly, you gather yourself together, get back on track, reinvent who or what you are and continue, wondering why? What happened to make life go bottom’s up?

I don’t have that answer. My slip, it seems, lasted near a week. Here I am, looking at my non-existent postages over the last several days wondering where it all went.

*sigh*… that, I may never know.

    Picture courtesy of Scrutiny deviantart.com

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