Desert Green

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I had the pleasure of driving down Highway 87 on the way to Sycamore Creek and noted the true awesomeness of the desert. You see, the desert has this amazing power to transform it’s colors at the drop of scattered showers. The drab olive of scrub brushes, and dusty brown sand turn into this amazing carpet of lush hues of green covering the sand and new buds of bright green on the dingiest of bushes. What a show!

My favorite part of the desert, aside from the hidden beauty when water influences the abundance of seeds lying around, are the enormous rocks jutting out of the earth forming majestic mountains. It almost looks as though some giant fist struck the ground from below, forcing the rocks upward to form these amazing monoliths.

Anyone who knows me well knows that my preference is for the forests and trees, but even I must stare in awe at the beautiful transformation from a multitude of brown to a myriad of green. Yea, the desert does have it’s moments.

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Another New Page

I’ve decided that perhaps it’s time to expand the vocabulary of the general populace in hopes of a more articulate society. One of my favorite comedic acts is from John Branyan who recites the three little pigs with a more extensive vocabulary than I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. He has a valid argument when he talks about how much vocabulary we lack. Seeing as how I love words, I felt it most appropriate to create a page to share my love, and learn a few more definitions in the process. The page is called Extraneous Articulations.

The first words, of course, will be to explain the title -extraneous and articulation. The definitions will be found from the website

Albert Einstein

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.

-Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of my favorite scientists, he’s right up there with Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates… wait a minute, absolutely no relativity between him and them… (Sorry, just couldn’t resist).

When I decided to write this, I knew very little of the man so decided to do some research. My first stop as usual was Wikipedia: Although it’s not technically an acceptable for research purposes in schools, but for me it’s a great start.

After several hours and many websites, I decided that Albert is definitely my favorite scientist. As I perused the papers he wrote, the ideas he had and the many theories he came up with I decided that my intellect is nothing compared to his, I mean, have you ever read a paper on physics? Even his first paper – The Investigation of the State of Aether in Magnetic Fields, written when he was 15, is beyond my ability to fully comprehend. Seriously, have you ever read anything about physics?

I read about quantum mechanics, photoelectric effects, particle theory, and frankly, being an electrician, I understood more than I would have otherwise, but, other than that, wow, I say again… wow. To have a mind that thinks on such a level would be phenomenal, I think perhaps maybe it would be a little lonely also. I wonder if he had many friends or just a lot of colleagues. When you out think everyone in the room, are you good at socializing? Can you be?

I suppose I’ll never find out – I’m not entirely sure I want to.

A couple of websites I found while researching Einstein are listed below, along with some quotes I like.

-Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.

-One has been endowed with just enough intelligence to be able to see clearly how utterly inadequate that intelligence is when confronted with what exists. If such humility could be conveyed to everybody, the world of human activities would be more appealing.

Sunsets in Arizona

az sunrise

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I’ve traveled a bit during my ever so short life time, not extensively, and mostly in the US. I must say, no matter where I go, or where I’ve been, the one and only place where sunsets, and sunrises – when I’m up long enough to see them, are consistently spectacular,  is in the Valley of the Sun – Phoenix, Arizona, aw heck, all of Arizona has great sunsets… and sunrises.

That is the single thing I’ve missed when not living in the 2000+ degree summers. I guess everywhere must have its redeeming factor, for Arizona it is definitely while the sun is hovering just below the horizon, throwing multihued rays to the sky. Even when there are no clouds to bounce off the colors, the sky itself throws them around creating a fantabulous show.

I gaze upward and wonder how anyone could stare into the beauty and not feel gratitude for this amazing gift.

For the multitude, Arizona is not construed of desert alone. Oh no, no, no; we have mountains and snow, lakes and canyons, hills and plains. Save for the ocean which is just a few short hours away, we have almost everything.

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I feel like a zombie. My brain is plagued with a constant hum, and though I don’t feel sleepy, I’m tired, like all I want to do is lay down and veg… like do nothing, think of nothing, feel nothing… like a zombie. Do you think anyone would notice if I walked around with my arms out, moaning to myself?

I have concluded that people are just not meant to work eight nights in a row. Regardless of how well you sleep, your mind and body rebel, like, noooooo, no, no, no, do not ever, ever, ever do this again or there will be consequences and I guarantee that you will not like them…

Should I listen? Yes; will I? I doubt it. There will always be days when the job is short staffed, and I happen to need a boost in my paycheck. Is it worth it? Ask me after my sink is draining again.