Youtube… more than that

Every now and then, the kids show me a video, song, humor clip – you get it – they show me a video on youtube, then I find myself stuck for a couple of hours updating myself of the world of videos.

This day I was watching several singers, not the group type singers, but everyday people type singers that get a boost because they’re just that good.

One in particular I want to point out is a Korean kid, well, he’s not really a kid, he’s 22, but I’m not pointing him out just because he’s got talent, of that there is no doubt, but because of his inspirational circumstances. This young man ran away from an orphanage when he was five, lived on the streets selling gum and beverages, stuck himself in high school, and taught himself how to sing. He didn’t let his circumstances drag him down, and I want to do my share in building his popularity.

It’s people like this who should go viral, because they wade through the crap that life gave them, climb out and fight for a better life. You go Choi, Sung-Bong!

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