Here I sit waiting…

Waiting is the worst.

Waiting for a shift to end, waiting for an obnoxious guest to leave, waiting for a baby to come, waiting for the doctor to see you, waiting in line for your turn to come, waiting for the journeys end…

I think the worst waiting has got to be waiting for an agent or a publisher to finish with your book. Your mind does loopty loops, while your stomach does flips. You want to scream out to the world, my book is being looked at, this may be the day; however you quietly anguish while you wait: will he/she like it? Is it interesting enough? Did I nail the ending? Did I mess up the timeline big time? The internal dialog is painfully endless and blissful but fleeting are the moments when it’s not on your mind.

How does one manage while watching the clock? It seems that everything takes longer; but that’s okay, because today I am one step closer to being a published author. Then the new anxieties can begin. Will it sell? Is it good enough for a following? Will I be able to peg the next book as well as the first…? Ah, the pain of it is never ending.

Is it worth it? That remains to be seen.


I know, I know, it’s been a very long time.

I started a new book. I figured that the publishing community is inundated with vampire books and needs a bit of a break before I pitch Lyn’s dilemma. On the flip side, Max appeared before me (in my imagination, of course) and let me know that he wanted his story told; thus the initiation of Max and Olivia’s tale.

Now Lyn is in the back seat, but not forgotten, she is so not done with her story, and Max is plunging forward. It feels great just to write again. Editing is for editors. I want to write, write, write, therefore, I will write.

Diet mania

It kinda blows me away how so many women are willing to go through such horrific ordeals to lose weight when a simple, consistent tweak in their eating habits will do the trick.

Almost everyone who has lost weight, myself included, has done so from a combination of eating healthier and exercising more. Simple, no; it most certainly takes dedication.

I have lost almost everything I’ve wanted to; it’s only when I start to fall back to my unhealthy eating habits that the numbers on the scale starts to creep up. However, by culling my desire for sweets and desserts, and inputting more fresh fruits and vegetables, I see the numbers on the scale return to my latest plateau.

Even if you can’t lose the weight you want, eating healthier is always the best bet, it makes you feel… well, healthier, and after all, isn’t that the purpose of a good diet? To make you feel better?

The Signs of Uneducated Minds

How easily people swear is disturbing to me. I was told as a teenager that swearing is the sign of an uneducated mind. Maybe, at one time this was true, but I know quite a few well educated people that swear worse than many of the sailors I knew when I served in the Navy.

The realization that our society pays no heed to the value of language saddens me greatly, especially after I was told that if the none of the characters in my books swear, then my books are unrealistic. The sad thing is… that unfortunately, it’s the truth.

So, what’s a writer to do? Personally, I find it refreshing to read a good story that refrains from dropping profanity, also, there are many good movies that I won’t buy strictly because I refuse to pretend that It’s okay to bring it into my home – and that makes me sad because I love movies.

Moreover, when will Hollywood realize that profanity and nudity will not make, and sometimes breaks a movie. According to Box Office Mojo, of the top six biggest movies, not one of them is rated R, furthermore, there is little or no profanity.

So, seriously, get a clue Hollywood, many of your movies would sell a lot more if you tone down the ratings instead of up. I’ve missed a lot of good movies over the last few years simply because I can’s stand to sit through the vulgarity of them – and I know I’m not alone. So please, instead of going for the shock value, go for the entertainment value… Please.