The Signs of Uneducated Minds

How easily people swear is disturbing to me. I was told as a teenager that swearing is the sign of an uneducated mind. Maybe, at one time this was true, but I know quite a few well educated people that swear worse than many of the sailors I knew when I served in the Navy.

The realization that our society pays no heed to the value of language saddens me greatly, especially after I was told that if the none of the characters in my books swear, then my books are unrealistic. The sad thing is… that unfortunately, it’s the truth.

So, what’s a writer to do? Personally, I find it refreshing to read a good story that refrains from dropping profanity, also, there are many good movies that I won’t buy strictly because I refuse to pretend that It’s okay to bring it into my home – and that makes me sad because I love movies.

Moreover, when will Hollywood realize that profanity and nudity will not make, and sometimes breaks a movie. According to Box Office Mojo, of the top six biggest movies, not one of them is rated R, furthermore, there is little or no profanity.

So, seriously, get a clue Hollywood, many of your movies would sell a lot more if you tone down the ratings instead of up. I’ve missed a lot of good movies over the last few years simply because I can’s stand to sit through the vulgarity of them – and I know I’m not alone. So please, instead of going for the shock value, go for the entertainment value… Please.

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