Diet mania

It kinda blows me away how so many women are willing to go through such horrific ordeals to lose weight when a simple, consistent tweak in their eating habits will do the trick.

Almost everyone who has lost weight, myself included, has done so from a combination of eating healthier and exercising more. Simple, no; it most certainly takes dedication.

I have lost almost everything I’ve wanted to; it’s only when I start to fall back to my unhealthy eating habits that the numbers on the scale starts to creep up. However, by culling my desire for sweets and desserts, and inputting more fresh fruits and vegetables, I see the numbers on the scale return to my latest plateau.

Even if you can’t lose the weight you want, eating healthier is always the best bet, it makes you feel… well, healthier, and after all, isn’t that the purpose of a good diet? To make you feel better?