My first back story.

The original story had Lyn dreaming her memories between moments of consciousness. For the sake of pacing, these scenes were removed. I like them and thought you might also.

New pages

Check out my new page ‘I’m thirsty,’ a piece from my book “Shattered Fate” just a taste of what’s to come. Also, as I look through some of my earlier writings, I’ll input some back-stories that didn’t make it to the final cut.

Would ya believe it?!

So, talking to my publisher/editor/agent/adviser/allaroundgoodguy about the cover picture for the book he asked me what breed of dog Luna was…

WHAT! I know I described her, in detail, I’ll have you know!!! However, as I sifted through the copy of the book I turned over to them, no description emerged. W-O-W in all the mayhem and constant redoing and do-overs, I took out Luna’s description and didn’t put it back.

Now I want to hurry through the typed pages and figure out what else I cut out that I wanted in… Alas, that, my dear, is why we have proofreaders and editors!

Book update

I’ve submitted a blurb for the cover of my book and a few descriptions for a cover, on top of a few ideas for a new book title since we decided Twisted Fate would make a good series title. I am now waiting for an answer from my publisher… My Publisher! How cool does that sound? I still shake my head with disbelief at the wonder of it all… Okay, back to the important stuff.

Next is a photograph; Oy! Anyone who knows me knows that I h-a-t-e getting my picture taken. Why? Because I think I look terrible. If I don’t have to see how awful I look, I don’t care – that’s why I only look in the mirror long enough to make sure my hair isn’t sticking up at odd angles, other than that… the less I see the better. Now I gotta paste my face on the cover for the whole world to see… Aye-yai-yai!

But, for the sake of being a published author… Jeez, that is so cool! Anywho, I’ll suffer through the photo. I can do this… I can.


Never realized what goes into publishing a book…

Must come up with a cover… A cover! I’m stumped by a cover!

Must focus, must come up with ideas… must keep trying… AAAAAAHHH!


Suddenly the world slows way down. Suddenly I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. Suddenly my world is my own, at the same time I realize that I’m not my own. As an Author, I’ll belong to the world as I share pieces of my own world with outsiders.

I shared a piece of my world and suddenly my world is not so private.

Scary? Yea.

But it’ll be alright, my world is always there to embrace me back to my own private reality. I may share it, but it is only there for me.

Social… okay

Facebook – check

Twitter – check

Blog/web page/site – check

Am I missing anything – probably

Will I get the hang of it some day – most likely.

Life is good on this day with bright hopes for the future.

The new baby is chasing paper balls across the floor. The big dog is chasing the baby. The surrogate mamma is watching closely. It’s time to sleep – so sleep!

Movin’ along

Negotiations are a good thing. To come to a mutual agreement, negotiations must ensue, unless you really don’t care what you get, or you trust your partner to always do what’s in your best interest, which would be a good thing, if nothing ever changed. Change is the culprit that ensures the need for negotiation.

That said, negotiations have been settled and the final contract is in the making. Wow! To think that in six months I can honestly and with conviction say… “I am a writer. Yes, this is true, anyone who writes can consider themselves a writer, but you see… I am a published writer… how about that!”

Wow, that sounds great. At this moment… life is good.

After Earth

So, I heard that the movie After Earth didn’t do so well in the box office. Since I’ve been looking forward to the show for the last year I decided to see it anyway and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was an awesome coming of age/ renewing familial relationships type movie that I thought was excellent. Who cares if half the things in the show aren’t plausible? It was great; and guess what, the ending was just all around feel good about life and life is good type of ending.

So let’s hear it for Will and Jaden Smith! This will definitely go into my collection.




Who’d’ve thunk so many phrases and clauses went into an arrangement between a publisher and an author. I’ve sorted through the terminology, Googled the many writing blogs, pages, sites, etc, to find what it all means and what I should and shouldn’t do/ look for/ insist on/ suggest… holy crow, and this isn’t even a big publishing house!

I do know the publishers and trust them, but at the same time, I know the importance of coming to an understanding and getting everything in writing. Contracts are just agreements detailed on paper. Trusting the people you contract with is just an added bonus.

Just a side note for anyone leery of contracting with friends and family members, never be afraid of writing down your agreements, it’s just a very good way of eliminating confusion. How many arguments have been started with: “But I thought…”

Even with your child it’s good practice to write down expectations, allowing them to put in their own conditions teaches negotiation skills, a nuisance when they’re teens, but invaluable when they’re adults.

So, sifting through the contract? We’ll see. I love research, I just hope I researched thoroughly enough to live happily ever after. It dawned on me while talking to Michael that being a published author was an unrealized dream.

Let’s hear it for dreams that come true… well, if all goes well anyways.