After Earth

So, I heard that the movie After Earth didn’t do so well in the box office. Since I’ve been looking forward to the show for the last year I decided to see it anyway and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was an awesome coming of age/ renewing familial relationships type movie that I thought was excellent. Who cares if half the things in the show aren’t plausible? It was great; and guess what, the ending was just all around feel good about life and life is good type of ending.

So let’s hear it for Will and Jaden Smith! This will definitely go into my collection.




Who’d’ve thunk so many phrases and clauses went into an arrangement between a publisher and an author. I’ve sorted through the terminology, Googled the many writing blogs, pages, sites, etc, to find what it all means and what I should and shouldn’t do/ look for/ insist on/ suggest… holy crow, and this isn’t even a big publishing house!

I do know the publishers and trust them, but at the same time, I know the importance of coming to an understanding and getting everything in writing. Contracts are just agreements detailed on paper. Trusting the people you contract with is just an added bonus.

Just a side note for anyone leery of contracting with friends and family members, never be afraid of writing down your agreements, it’s just a very good way of eliminating confusion. How many arguments have been started with: “But I thought…”

Even with your child it’s good practice to write down expectations, allowing them to put in their own conditions teaches negotiation skills, a nuisance when they’re teens, but invaluable when they’re adults.

So, sifting through the contract? We’ll see. I love research, I just hope I researched thoroughly enough to live happily ever after. It dawned on me while talking to Michael that being a published author was an unrealized dream.

Let’s hear it for dreams that come true… well, if all goes well anyways.