Book update

I’ve submitted a blurb for the cover of my book and a few descriptions for a cover, on top of a few ideas for a new book title since we decided Twisted Fate would make a good series title. I am now waiting for an answer from my publisher… My Publisher! How cool does that sound? I still shake my head with disbelief at the wonder of it all… Okay, back to the important stuff.

Next is a photograph; Oy! Anyone who knows me knows that I h-a-t-e getting my picture taken. Why? Because I think I look terrible. If I don’t have to see how awful I look, I don’t care – that’s why I only look in the mirror long enough to make sure my hair isn’t sticking up at odd angles, other than that… the less I see the better. Now I gotta paste my face on the cover for the whole world to see… Aye-yai-yai!

But, for the sake of being a published author… Jeez, that is so cool! Anywho, I’ll suffer through the photo. I can do this… I can.

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