Yeah, yeah…

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Okay, I haven’t posted in a while, so shoot me…

I really don’t have much going. Just waiting for a publishing date… and getting very anxious while waiting.

In the meantime, I’ve seen a couple of movies with the vagrants… uh, kids… uh, no, uhm children, yes that’s it, the children, though children they are no longer… does that make me old? -Nah, never grow up, never surrender…

Anywho, let me just say, I like to be entertained. I don’t care if the acting is spectacular or if the Academy is looking closely to see if it’s award worthy, just tell me a story that makes me feel good when it’s over.

That said, I saw the new Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters last night with a friend of mine and her… uh, children, and was thrilled to see my most favoritest TV captain in the whole ‘verse, Malcolm Reynolds, portraying his altar ego, the actor Nathan Fillion, as Hermes. I grinned like a lovestruck teenager and hung on his every word, sighing sadly when his all too short cameo was over. I gotta tell ya, I loved the Firefly reference; “Greatest television show ever so of course, canceled.” (Bad Fox, bad, bad network!)

Yeah, it was great… oh, the movie was good too. So, if you, like me, like to enjoy a good clean story, with your good clean boys-and girls too, the girls liked it too! Go see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Enjoy, laugh, cry, be disappointed… pick whatever emotion you want, it don’t bother me none… I liked it.

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