Market? Me?

Okeeday! I talked to my editor today, I know, it should have been Saturday, but I do have a day… er, night job, seein’ as how I don’t make megabucks as an author yet. Anywho, Sean asked “So, how do you want to market your book?”

First; I was paraphrasing.

Second; Me? Market? Really, I’m the one who does that? Oy, I am in a world of hurt…

My brain went into overdrive for a moment as Sean politely continued our conversation without me.

Finally I had to halt everything. “Do I need an agent?” I asked timidly, but that didn’t sound quite right as he offered to set me up with someone to talk to.

Once my brain kick-started, yep, offer to turn me over to a stranger for help… that really pushes my ‘I’m independent of all logical necessities’ button, and my brain will rev up to overdrive trying to figure out a way to keep from looking like a total ignoramus in front of a stranger, or anyone for that matter; even though the shoe fits rather nicely in this case—but you didn’t hear that from me…

Alright then, “Tell me what to do and I will do whatever it takes,” I told Sean

Third, there is no ‘What to do to market your book’ list. But Sean offered to send me some suggestions and insights on the matter, since he and his wife, both published author’s themselves, have been in the same shoes as I. I plan to outgrow them very quickly.

Last, this is by no means going to deter me. Everyone knows, or should know how much I love Google, the information highway. Tonight I will be driving down the Google freeway at top speed, creating my own book-marketing to-do list. Fun, fun, fun!

And here I thought book authoring ended with getting said book published, as it turns out, it’s just the beginning of a long uphill road. Luckily I have a 5.8L supercharged 4-V V8 engine to get me up the hill. (Yes, that is the engine of my dream car.)

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