Whew! Each moment, every day, as I creep closer to publishity, my world is slowly becoming something unreal. Thoughts of launch dates and signing parties loom in my mind and I wonder ‘what have I gotten myself into?’

My life of near obscurity is coming to a close, a new life peeks over the horizon and I have to wonder if that’s what I really want when all I thought about was sending by baby out for the world to see, read, love, hate, criticize, praise, applaud, throw away…

I really had no clue what would happen, does anyone really? Their first time around?

Luckily I have a great support team; a great publisher, a soon to be great publicist, and a lot of family, friends, and coworkers who are willing to buoy me every step of the way. What can I say?

“Okay, okay, show me the door. I’ll dash into the fresh air outside, show my face to the sun, and let the world know who I am.”

2 thoughts on “Surrealism

  1. title unknown says:

    Dont trip tater chip! we got this!!! xoxo

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