Life happens at full spin


I know it’s been a while, but fret not, I have not forgotten you… me? Who the heck do I address this to? You? Me? The nether reaches of the universe?

Anyways, I deviate…

Life has hit me with a book launch, a send off, and a wedding, all within six weeks of each other – talk about no time to think.

Neglect of my many social media sites, and the desire to shove… uh… present my book to the whole world, weighs heavy on my mind, so I want to just post a blurb to say that I am still here, and once the joyous couple is nuptualized and tucked away into their own private oblivion, I will be able to dedicate my life once more to doing what I love. Oh the thought of thinking about what I want to think about… the idea is simply intoxicating…

Anyways, back to the grind…

Rest assured the earth will cease its chaotic spin and the world will return to its normal unhurried pace – thank the light that shines in the heavens above!

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