Back to Normal?

A lot has happened in the last couple of months. In six weeks I’ve had three major life events happen. Now that it’s over I feel like I can get back to normal – except that some ‘volunteer’ was assigned to inspect whether I’m doing a good job taking care of my brother and his money. “Clean up, get ready to talk to this guy,” I tell them. I should have known better.

When I got there, I was surprised by the mess, though they did clean up, it was still messy. On top of that, I discovered a roach problem that I didn’t know existed – amazing how much can go down the toilet in two months.

Anywho, this guy couldn’t get over the fact that my other brother had really bad teeth. ‘Uh, who are you here to inspect?’

The roaches I could understand, but seriously, as soon as I found out, we took care of it – I get it, that one was my fault. I didn’t think about it because they’ve never had roaches before. How could I know. Yea, I should have visited sooner – refer to first paragraph. I visited as soon as I had more than five minutes. Again – taken care of.

So this volunteer guy wants to put my brother in group jail, because taking away his independence is a better solution than saying ‘hey, I’ll give you a month, if it’s not taken care of I’ll take it to the judge.’ Actually, I only needed a week.

So, I face the judge to plea for my brothers’ freedom. Really, if you don’t think I’m doing right by him fine, let someone else handle his finances, but don’t take away his independence just because he needs a little help taking care of himself – it’s just not right!

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