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It’s funny how different things affect different aspects of your life, and yet everything is ultimately linked. So many things have happened over the last few months, spectacular things, amazing things, life things…

And yet, life remains this constant battle to move forward, to continue on a path set forth by what has happened before.

Life is devious. It doles out hope for the future, at the same time it dashes dreams of the past into oblivion. Hopes and dreams become reality at the same time hopes and dreams fade, only to disappear into obscurity. How strange this life is. Is it no wonder that some choose to exit life on their own terms, however, regardless the method, it is the coward’s way out. Is it not our responsibility to do our best to make life the best we can make it? Is it not our privilege to accomplish the goals we set – alas, we first need goals to set forth.

And what are your goals? Not the goals that give you something in a set period of time, but the goals that make a difference to the workings of the world.

To smile at a stranger, lend a hand to a neighbor, shake hands with a potential enemy, step back to allow someone else to take the glory… shed some light on the world, send a message of hope, experience the satisfaction of spreading peace, however insignificant to the world you mingle with.

Really, aren’t those the types of goals that matter? In the long run, isn’t that what makes the world worth living in?

The other day I saw a video of things that get caught on security cameras, good things, things that uplift the world, things that should be the focus of our world, not the things that bring us down, but the things that lift us up; it’s called: Random Acts of Kindness Caught on Security Cameras all over the world!

This year, I have challenged myself to create a happier world, not for myself, but for the people around me. I will smile more, I will compliment more, I will see more of the good around me, I will focus on the positive and share it. I will speak kindly of those that piss me off…

The list goes on, but you get the gist… at least I do, and that’s what counts.

I invite all who read this to do the same – let’s create a better world together, not for ourselves, but for everyone else.

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