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I’ve never been a huge sports fan – though after going to my first hockey game, I have found that I love hockey…

Yesterday, I decided to see what all of the hullaballoo was about, hooked up my computer to the telly and threw my own super bowl party. I figured that since I wasn’t really invested in either team, that I might actually enjoy the game; (traditionally the team I root for always loses when I watch the game. Yea, yea, I know it’s a coincidence, but coincidence doesn’t stop it from happening; it’s gotten so bad, that my neighbors, and friends, kick me out before the games even started so I don’t curse their team!). At the very least, we could catch the commercials – the super bowl has the best ads, everyone knows that!

After waiting for the count-down on, we ate our super bowl party food and listened to the announcers on the website talk about highlights of past games, and what players were who and did what, we wondered when the heck the game was supposed to start, I mean, it said the game started at 6:30 so why wasn’t the game starting?

Finally, after snooping around the very disappointingly misleading website, we tuned into and started watching the game in earnest – just in time for half-time. WE MISSED THE FIRST FREAKIN’ HALF OF THE FREAKIN’ GAME! Really, I mean really, you couldn’t announce to us group of newby watchers that you weren’t actually going to show the game!

Disappointed, but determined, we started watching from the second half on – and saw one of the best plays ever! I have always wanted to see this play, and what do you know… (is it the running back that catches the ball?) whoever… Percy Harvin was his name – caught the ball after the kick-off and ran that sucker 87 yards down the field and made a touch-down! And it didn’t stop there! I tell you what, the Seahawks owned the Broncos!

I must say, though the game was terribly one-sided, and I wondered how the Broncos made it to the super bowl in the first place, we had a really good time. I enjoyed watching the game (however refer to previous comment about the Broncs) but mostly, I enjoyed spending time with my family – maybe we’ll invite friends next year… of course, mayhaps I should see who’s playing before inviting someone who cares!

I don’t remember what brought on the memory, but I thought of a game of women’s college basketball that my sister and I ended up watching at Native New Yorker’s. The game was on one of the many screens, and though we didn’t go in with the thought of watching a game, we ended up staying until it finished. It’s taken a while, but I’m discovering that I’m more of a sports fan than I originally thought – who knew!

Now seriously, I doubt that I will ever throw a tail-gate party, or buy a case of beer and sit down to watch the game – whatever game it may be – on a weekly basis, but in all honesty, if a game is on – whatever the sport, I am finding, I enjoy watching it – that is if it’s not so terrible one-sided, then the game is just painful to watch, no really, by the fourth quarter of the Seahawks vs the Broncos… eek, that really hurt!

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