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A couple of days ago I saw How to Train Your Dragon 2 by DreamWorks films. I have to admit that the first half of the movie was AWESOME!!! If you leave after Hiccup’s parents rekindle their love, you will walk away feeling wonderful and happy. Of course, after such a build-up in the trailers, I saw the movie before anyone I knew and had no such warnings to guide my decision to stay or go.

While I would have walked out in the middle of the movie, my movie buddy wanted to see it through; having decided he would never see the movie again he wanted to at least finish it. As incensed and outraged as I was, I respected his wishes and stuck it through to a ‘happy’ ending…

(Right now I must warn you that there is a spoiler in the following paragraphs—there, consider yourself warned…)

…although the senseless cause of death in the middle left me feeling hollow throughout the rest of the film. When it was over my family had to take me out for ice-cream to ease the depressed state of mind that I was in—all from a movie that was supposed to make me feel happy!

Dutifully I posted my displeasure on Facebook warning any who would go for their own entertainment, or take their children to see it, of the emotional trap that lay ahead. If I’d have known what would happen, I would not have seen the movie at all.

It wasn’t the fact that the character died, I’ve come to expect the death of a beloved character when it comes to many of my favorite films. No, it wasn’t the manner of the death that disturbed me, it was the emotional set up and the way that he died that so enraged me.

After all the build-up of Hiccup, the main character in the film, finally meeting his mother; and his father, after seeing her for the first time in twenty years, and professing his undying love for her, releasing her of her guilt for not returning to her family, and rekindling the flame of love between them… it was beautifully done and made your heart swell for the renewal of hope and love and family…

It was amazing and I loved it.

Of course, someone had to die…

Like I said it wasn’t the death that was so hopeless to me, it was the meaningless nature of the death. The bad guy turns Toothless against Hiccup, I mean really, did you want me to see that the bad guy won, it the middle of the movie, the bad guy won. Toothless fired a death-blow on his best friend…

Of course his dad Stoic saves Hiccup by jumping in front of the bolt—saving Hiccup, but dying as a result, and all the writers have to say for the act is ‘bad people make good dragons do bad things’, really?!

You rekindle this beautiful love affair only to kill one of the lovers off in a meaningless death!!! I mean, really!!! You want me to be okay with Toothless actually killing Hiccup?!! ‘Cause that is what happened, Toothless shot a killing blow at Hiccup, not his dad, who almost killed him in the first movie, but at Hiccup…

So, after posting my comment and the distraught state of mind that the movie left me in, one young mother asked me the details, as I would not post the spoiler publicly—though I wanted to, only in a private message.

The comment I got after telling of the tragedy was ‘but… it ends well right?’

What? It ends well? You’re asking if it ends well? Well, if you mean that the bad guy is eventually defeated, of course… the bad guy always loses, but how can you get a good ending out of this? Of course Hiccup overcomes the hypnotic trance of the alpha dragon, a trance that didn’t exist in the first movie by the way…

But seriously, he overcomes it for love and friendship eventually? Like after he would have been dead already if they hadn’t thrown his father under the bus first…

So, just like that—if it ‘ends well’ it makes the stupidity of the initial act okay?

I told her, ‘I guess’, because truthfully, for me, there is nothing that could have happened after the meaningless death of Stoic, after such a beautiful renewal of hope and love, that could have redeemed the fact that it was okay to allow Toothless to kill Hiccup in the first place.

‘It ended well right?’

No, no it did not. I don’t know about you, but I go to the movies—especially a children’s movie—to feel good and I did not feel good by the end of this movie. I felt horrible and numb. I don’t care that Toothless didn’t actually kill Hiccup, the fact is that he fired the death blow—in my mind, their love didn’t save them, ‘cause by the end of the movie, when their love did bring Toothless out of the trance… it was too late, he’d already killed his best friend. So no, the entire second half of the movie sucked because it ended in the middle…

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