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Whoa, two posts in one day!!!

First, I must apologize. Life again has gotten away with me. My dreams of writing full-time have been waylaid by having to acquire the funds to prevent a homeless state being cast upon myself and my children.

Second, thank-you to all, for your great comments… totally unexpected, and awesome!

I only wish I was techno-savvy and able to post all the great things that are being said, however, as I am relatively new to blogging, and concerned and perhaps overly cautious about viruses – unfortunately, the nature of the few jerk-wads out there that blow the trust for everyone else has commanded that we all be cautious, for if we are not then we end up spending said hard-earned monies to repair, and or acquire new technologies due to our present technologies being destroyed by said jerk-wads…

However, I just wanted to acknowledge those generous comments and let y’all know that I do read them, even when they are sent to my spam folder, and appreciate them.

After returning to my postings, I will renew my efforts in diligence to my site and my postings…

Again, thank-you.

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