Uhm, this is interesting…

I have been thinking, well not daily, but a lot, about posting something here.

You know, keeping a regular blog, that doesn’t entail personal disclosures on a daily basis is really difficult…

That said, I have been thinking about what is post worthy… So, what is post worthy? Does the world want to hear my miscellaneous ramblings?

I once thought that I wanted to be a philosopher, I mean, all they do is walk around telling the world their view on the world and they get paid for it!

But the world has no use for philosophers, or so I thought, that was before the internet…

Now I find people searching the internet for like-minded people with like-minded views of their own realities – and some of it is very scary

I’ll try my best not to be very scary.

I’m rambling… I know I’m rambling, and you know why I’m rambling? Because I can! This is my site, I pay for it, I have control over it and I can say whatever I want! That is I can say whatever I want as long as it is within the code of the contract I signed to get this site. Which is a good thing, because while I personally wouldn’t say most things that randomly pop in my head, things that my personal little moral police chase out as soon as they detect it… some people – not so much.

That reminds me of when I was a kid, and I know that I’m not the only one that has thought this because I’ve seen such thinking displayed for public humor in other media – mostly TV – that was the main media outlet when I was but a lass – chriminy, am I dating myself – well, according to my kids, I did finally turn 110 on my birthday 2010. Before then I was 108 – I guess they thought I needed to grow up a bit.

Boy, do I have OOH SHINY bad today or what! You know, ADOS – Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny… according to Michael, most girls have it, all babies have it, and very few animals don’t have it…

Oh, back to my childhood thinking – did you think I forgot? Well I have it written up there somewhere, so how could I forget it, it’s in permanent memory mode… Whew, I think I better stop soon, this Ooh Shiny is not going away anytime soon…

My thoughts as a child were that the world was full of micro-people – they ran everything! They swept out the internal organs and kept them clean, they ran the pumps that kept your blood going – hey, I was a kid, I didn’t know about the heart and lungs and kidneys until I was five! Give me a break! Even then, the micro-people took care of them and made sure they did their jobs!

Even the radios and the TV’s had micro-people to keep us entertained – it was fantastic how they coordinated from house to house to make sure everyone saw and heard the same things, but I only thought that when logic hit my brain – around eight I think… of course, when logic hit, then knowledge soon followed. Who cares that it’s the other way around, it’s my story, if you don’t like it go tell your own story!

Eek, I’m a mite touchy today along with the Ooh Shiny thing. I guess I’ll stop now, no sense harassing the little voices in my brain that gives me all the nice points to make… hey, is that what’s wrong with me and my postings lately? Are my voices unwell? Maybe they have strep and can’t talk that loud and I’m not listening close enough…

Okay, I’m done… thanks for reading my ramblings – hey, I appreciate it, even if I do or don’t know who you are, it’s nice of you to read and think good thoughts about what I write… if you don’t like it, you wouldn’t read it right? Anywho, have a great shiny day while I try to get the OS out of my mind – or not, it doesn’t bother me most times, but it sure wasn’t helpful today!

This it, I’m done, I’m hitting publish… now.

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