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I would feel remiss if I didn’t post my sorrow about the passing of a great, great man. Robin Williams, my hero in so many ways…

First, though I know it will likely not reach them – my condolences to the Williams’ family. My grief is poignant, I can only imagine your sorrow. My thoughts and prayers go to you.

Wow, this really hurts!

My first experience with Robin Williams was in my living room watching Mork and Mindy, it fast became my favorite TV show and He instantly became my favorite actor.

I was thrilled when I learned that he was not only a comedic actor, but a very serious actor as well – and brilliant. I hated seeing him play a bad guy, well… because he did such an excellent job, I hated seeing my beloved funny guy in that role.

Though I loved almost any show he acted in (some were not my genre), a few of my favorite movies are: Dead Poet’s Society – I learned to change my perspective of the world; Good Morning Vietnam; Awakenings – where I was thrilled to discover that he was a real actor, not just a comedian; The Fisher King; Hook – of course; Batty in FernGully – the movie was okay, but from Batty, I discovered that not all Rap was bad; Aladdin – the genie… need I say more! Mrs Doubtfire – seriously, I cannot see anyone else pulling off that role; Jumanji; The Birdcage; Jack; Flubber; Good Will Hunting – two of my favorite actors together – yummy! Patch Adams; Jakob the Liar – sad, of course anything about the holocaust is sad; Bicentennial Man; Night at the Museum; Oliver Twi…. Uhm, no – August Rush – not so much his character, but he did a brilliant job…

This list I got from IMDb.

Though I must admit that I haven’t seen everything that He’s participated in, what I have seen has repeatedly proven the versatility of the man he was. I always have been and still am in awe of this great man.

From Robin Williams, I learned that it’s okay to make fun of life, good or bad; most importantly, I learned that you didn’t have to grow up to be an adult.

Thank-you Mr Williams, I never grew up, and I never will. The world has lost an icon…

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