What a day!!!

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This day is worthy of Alexander in Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Judith Viorst.

Why, oh why must these days creep upon us, and though we know they are out there, they always catch us by surprise.

Rather than ramble about the tedious exploits of the day, which included showing up early to someone elses doctor appointment, only to return an hour later to discover that the receptionist, who was too busy watching something on her computer monitor to look at my name, confused me with someone else, and that my appointment was scheduled for the following week…

– had she actually looked at my name on the appointment sign in sheet, she could have informed me early on, and I could have resumed my day by sleeping and working – I work nights…

– as it were, it was too late to sleep, too late to cancel my call out, too late to do anything but go back to bed and mope.

That was just one of the series of unfortunate events, of which I rained over everyone I came in direct contact with – I ask again – why?

– that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger – was my sister’s anecdote, and though I love my sister dearly, I really hate that phrase!

– so, here I be, moping in my bedroom, with the blinds pulled low and the lights all off, keeping my self induce misery to, well, myself.

Maybe I’ll find a really scary movie to watch, those are best watched in these dark moods. So, it’s off to the shadows, and hopefully, I will emerge in better spirits – hey, scary movies just do it for me when I’m in these moods…


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