Think about it…



Seriously, when is the world gonna face the fact that we are sick!

I work in the NICU ( Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) at a hospital. When I started, birth defects happened, they’ve always happened, but they were rare.

In the ten years that I have worked here, I’ve seen birth defects/anomalies increase beyond acceptable measures. I could go back and figure out the percentage, but I’d rather focus on the whole picture, not just a piece of it…

Not only are birth defects on the rise, but cancer is no longer an eye-opening, shock to one’s families and friends but something that just ‘happens’.

No longer do you think ‘cancer… how’d that happen?’ instead we’re more likely to think, ‘Wow, cancer; what a drag!’

Mental illness, psychological imbalances, violent behavior, excessive drug use, suicide…

Although unfortunately, a percentage of social issues happen, it is on the rise, and though people want to blame the media or social breakdown of the family, or whatever it is that people choose to blame for our societal breakage, I’m proposing a different less obvious reason.

Think about this if you will:

Over the last fifty years there have been multiple major nuclear accidents, Tokaimura, Buenos Aires, Saint-Laurent, Idaho, Goiânia, Three Mile Island, Windscale, Kyshtym, Fukushima, Chernobyl – these are just the top ten, there are many, many more, more than even I imagined before I started writing this; before I did my ten minutes of research – and these are the known disasters… How many accidents are top-secret (submarine, or warships for instance) or have been covered up?

Clouds of contamination have been released into the atmosphere or into the oceans and water supplies…

While no one wants to view the reality of a poisoned world, we need to – we must address this issue in order to do something about it!

I sit here helpless. I don’t know what to do, do you? What can we do? For that I have no answer, but know this, unless we do figure it out, we will only get worse.

My goal here is to raise awareness of a possibility that no one seems willing to look at, or if they have looked at it, they refuse to address.

Think about it, and after you think about it, get others to think about it; then hopefully, if enough people think about it, or the right people will think about it and someone will finally do something about it.

WE ARE SICK people, and unless we stand up for ourselves, no one will.


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Time, the never-ending cycle that continues at various rates and intervals.

How is it that so much time escapes me between my writings. What evil word is ‘tomorrow’.

I can make excuses, claim life, living, work, family, circumstances… pick one for yourself, I can claim it… as the reason for my non-compliance to my own wishful diligence; but it all boils down to the indiscretion of time – or my indiscriminate use of it.

I sit here thinking, this time – I will do it this time! But deeper down, the voices that rule my very existence laugh and mock me.

All I can really do is recommit, and keep re-committing every time I seem to fail, for failure isn’t in the stopping, or the falling, but in the refusal to get back up and try again.

Again, again, again, I will work at committing to my desire to write full-time. After all, it is, at this moment, my deepest desire.