Sadly frustrated

What is it with American’s and their plot twists? So concerned with surprise in the story, the story is often ruined because of it…

 It has gotten to the point that, for me, I cringe when I see an American made movie come to the theaters. No more am I excited to sit contentedly in a theater, munching my popcorn, dots, and perhaps nibbling on some nachos (my favorite movie snack). I have become wearily wary of devastating twist of plots.

Take ‘How to Train Your Dragon II’, please! The story is wonderful until Toothless tries to kill his best friend and companion Hiccup. I don’t want to hear ‘But he didn’t kill him,’ because he tried to, Hiccup’s father got in front of the death-dealing blow, yes, but that blow was meant for his best friend! HOW CAN YOU MISS THAT! Okay, death is inevitable, I get that, I don’t even mind to terribly if a character I love dies – but not that way!


 Then there is ‘The Hobbit’, really, really! Yes, Thorin, Fili, and Kili all die in the book, but the manner in which they died was honorable. In the movie it was a horrible, meaningless death; a death that was a victory for the bad guy, a bad guy taken from the story and given a fictitious back story, in which he succeeds in his fictitious revenge through destroying Thorin’s blood-line by killing Fili and Kili. To add injury to insult, the deranged writer brings Bolg back from the dead to kill Thorin alone and devastated by the loss of his kin. Can you say Freddie Kruger?!?

It’s disturbing to think that today’s writers think that these horrible twists are okay!

 Two movies which I would have loved to put in my collection, I will never watch again, nor will I recommend them to anyone without a warning. It saddens me to have incomplete libraries, especially when it’s the last of a trilogy that will never be completed. In fact, I will not even keep the first two of ‘The Hobbit’ because I am so incensed by it.

 I understand that books are essentially rewritten for movies, and I’m okay with that, but seriously, don’t ruin the story!

 That said. It has come to the point that if I see that it’s an American movie, I will not likely pay money to see it in the theater. I will wait until it comes out and watch in on Netflix, or rent it through Red box, and then only if people I trust tell me it’s okay. I am now more willing to see a foreign movie, with the predictable plots that make the good triumph over the bad.

 You can keep your plot twists. I watch movies to feel good, not to be surprised by unexpected failures and bad guys that come back from the dead to triumph. Against all odds, I want my main characters to win!