Human Nudity

I have no problem with nudity in public; and yeah, I’m gonna look at your package, or sisters, they’re there darn right I’ll look, but I won’t linger any more than on any other part of your body. Now if you have a particularly interesting, unusual or exceptionally beautiful body part I will chance a pause; however I don’t see the body as most y’all do.

I see color variations and shadows, shapes and patterns, lines and angles; not to mention the differences in sizes, shapes, and colors. Some are phenomenal, others are sad – tragic even; but still amazing and beautiful.

Take skin for example. I am mesmerized by the color of the skin in all it’s amazing attributes. Did you know that skin has just a hint of sparkle in direct sunlight? You won’t see it unless your looking for it. It’s beautiful.

And that’s just one of the beauties I see!

Another Today

Try again.

I’m thankful. These last years have been difficult.

My brain is full of the tumult in the world around me.

I search for good, I search for beauty, I hunt for the greatness in all things to replace the images of darkness in my mind.