Starting Beginnings

Scared myself

Started the process for purchasing a home.

First, I talked to a realtor. I’ve worked with him before and hope that this time we’ll be successful.

The realtor (Jerry) referred me to a loan officer (Elaine) and I have just finished uploading documents to her.

What. Have. I. Done.

This is the first time I’m doing this alone and I’m nervous as allgitout as I have a terrible track record of achieving anything major on my own and a house is about as major as it gets.

Well, here goes nothing…

Stars And Stripes

Through the rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air…

Found this beauty on one of the multitudes of media platforms and wondered if this is what inspired Betsy Ross’s design of the American flag?

Acting Ages

Aging is a funny thing. You spend your life running full throttle to get it done.

School, school, more school, and even more for some, for others, the lucky ones, school never stops; throughout this, there is socializing, dating, marriage, family, chidren, other dynamics, leading to the transfer of power and authority as the family matures

…and then,


Fate, oh yeah, fate – the all powerful, morbidly twisted, dark sense of humor that is so endearing is our fates. She hits you; she hits you hard, laughing at the mess you followed her into, daring you to have the strength to right yourself again – if you’ve ever been right in the first place.

This is the defining moment of truth. Are you willing to follow fate into that rabbit hole of old age or do you give in and begin the next faze of our existence, or, for some, it’s just over

Yeah, aging is just fate making fun of you.