Publishing date!!!


I have a publishing date!! My book comes out on September 25th, 2013.

It’s just wrong that I’m at work right now. I can hardly sit still, I’m so excited. When Sean, my publisher, called I just sat down at my desk. Not two seconds after he told me my publishing date, my work phone rang, and one of the doctors needed me make a phone call for her (unit coordinator—it’s my job) and I couldn’t ask what I wanted to…

Breathe… breathe… Okay, I’ll get through this.

The official announcement is on the Publisher’s website,

AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! I’m so excited. My heads floating, I can’t think!!!

Slow down, breathe deep… inhale… exhale… you’re not the first person to have a book published, and you won’t be the last.

Okay… okay… I’m okay.

I’ll find out the details and post them when I can.

-See, I told you I could do this.

Yeah, yeah…

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Okay, I haven’t posted in a while, so shoot me…

I really don’t have much going. Just waiting for a publishing date… and getting very anxious while waiting.

In the meantime, I’ve seen a couple of movies with the vagrants… uh, kids… uh, no, uhm children, yes that’s it, the children, though children they are no longer… does that make me old? -Nah, never grow up, never surrender…

Anywho, let me just say, I like to be entertained. I don’t care if the acting is spectacular or if the Academy is looking closely to see if it’s award worthy, just tell me a story that makes me feel good when it’s over.

That said, I saw the new Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters last night with a friend of mine and her… uh, children, and was thrilled to see my most favoritest TV captain in the whole ‘verse, Malcolm Reynolds, portraying his altar ego, the actor Nathan Fillion, as Hermes. I grinned like a lovestruck teenager and hung on his every word, sighing sadly when his all too short cameo was over. I gotta tell ya, I loved the Firefly reference; “Greatest television show ever so of course, canceled.” (Bad Fox, bad, bad network!)

Yeah, it was great… oh, the movie was good too. So, if you, like me, like to enjoy a good clean story, with your good clean boys-and girls too, the girls liked it too! Go see Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters. Enjoy, laugh, cry, be disappointed… pick whatever emotion you want, it don’t bother me none… I liked it.

Another Dog!

A piece I decided to share while filling in the AWOL chapter names that never were added in the final, final-final, edit.

Lyn groaned against the overwhelming smell of blood when she woke. The procedure room looked like a burglary gone bad; there was blood splattered everywhere, along with the empty packages used to contain the fluid. The cabinet doors were left open with medications and supplies strewn on the counters and across the floor. I don’t remember making this mess; in fact, I don’t even remember entering this room.

She looked at Luna horrified, “What did I do?” The thought of completely losing herself was beyond disturbing.

Standing up to clean her mess, a police dog jumped to his feet growling fiercely.

Luna immediately stepped forward and let out one sharp menacing bark. The animal sat back down, watching Lyn’s every move.

Lyn looked at Luna, then at the police dog.

Luna woofed silently without taking her eyes from the dog in front of her; at the same time Lyn pictured the two of them jumping out the window and running through the trees.

Lyn surveyed her mess remorsefully, “I really should clean up,” she moaned, but the sound of a police radio outside changed her mind.

“Boss, here!” A voice called from the front door.

“That’s our cue, Luna, find us a way out.”

Luna lowered her head, snarling as she approached the dog sitting in the doorway.

The large German Shepherd backed up reluctantly, allowing her to pass. Luna stopped at the entrance and looked down a small hallway into the Doctor’s office, a large black hole in the broken window, the source of the noise Lyn heard before passing out. Without waiting, Lyn ran down the corridor with Luna hot on her heels.

As soon as they turned their backs, the police dog attacked. In a flash, Luna was on top of him. Lyn stopped short of the window and turned around. Luna had the other dog by the throat, “STOP!” she commanded.

Luna growled in response to the senseless order, flexed her jaws enough to cut off the air to the bleeding animal before releasing him. In a flash, she jumped through the window leaving him gasping helplessly on the floor.

Lyn quickly checked the dog, relieved to find that he wasn’t permanently damaged.

“Son-of-a… grab her!” A man shouted. Before he could reach her, she cleared the broken glass, somersaulted and landed silently outside, disappearing into the dense forest.


Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate getting my picture taken. After much whoing and hahing, I finally went to Tempe Town Lake with Michelle, my super-d-duper editor/publisher/photographer/fastgrowingfriend and took several million, zillion pictures. Michelle made it very painless-sort of, well, yea, she was great. After sifting through, cropping, and black-and-whiting, I’ve picked out several that I really like; now i just need to narrow those down to one.

One more step closer to my book in my hands!


Just got my manuscript back from the editor…

I’m all excited all over again. My hands are not shaking, but they should be. Wonder what is wrong-aside from basic grammar errors that I couldn’t seem to get rid of?

Breathe, breathe again, okay, now to the process…


Several hours later…

Okay, that was less painful than I thought it would be. Editing is viewed, commented on, changed, approved and sent back. Now, duly inspired, I continue with the next edition.

Thank’s Guys!

You know the people you work with are amazing when they continuously show enthusiasm over your accomplishments with you.

I got one of the several ideas for a book cover for Shattered Fate the other day… I tell you, I just can’t stop looking at it, I mean, there’s my idea, my title, my pseudo name… wow, I tell you what, wow…

Anyways, I just can’t help telling and showing and excitin’ all over everyone. I know eventually they’ll get tired of it, but still they smile, pat my head and say ‘good HUC, you done good…’ not really, they’re great, being all excited with me and all.

Thanks to all my friends and associates, you’re awesome!


My first back story.

The original story had Lyn dreaming her memories between moments of consciousness. For the sake of pacing, these scenes were removed. I like them and thought you might also.

New pages

Check out my new page ‘I’m thirsty,’ a piece from my book “Shattered Fate” just a taste of what’s to come. Also, as I look through some of my earlier writings, I’ll input some back-stories that didn’t make it to the final cut.

Would ya believe it?!

So, talking to my publisher/editor/agent/adviser/allaroundgoodguy about the cover picture for the book he asked me what breed of dog Luna was…

WHAT! I know I described her, in detail, I’ll have you know!!! However, as I sifted through the copy of the book I turned over to them, no description emerged. W-O-W in all the mayhem and constant redoing and do-overs, I took out Luna’s description and didn’t put it back.

Now I want to hurry through the typed pages and figure out what else I cut out that I wanted in… Alas, that, my dear, is why we have proofreaders and editors!

Book update

I’ve submitted a blurb for the cover of my book and a few descriptions for a cover, on top of a few ideas for a new book title since we decided Twisted Fate would make a good series title. I am now waiting for an answer from my publisher… My Publisher! How cool does that sound? I still shake my head with disbelief at the wonder of it all… Okay, back to the important stuff.

Next is a photograph; Oy! Anyone who knows me knows that I h-a-t-e getting my picture taken. Why? Because I think I look terrible. If I don’t have to see how awful I look, I don’t care – that’s why I only look in the mirror long enough to make sure my hair isn’t sticking up at odd angles, other than that… the less I see the better. Now I gotta paste my face on the cover for the whole world to see… Aye-yai-yai!

But, for the sake of being a published author… Jeez, that is so cool! Anywho, I’ll suffer through the photo. I can do this… I can.