Story Time

Lyn’s heart hurt. She had to stop the pain. She rushed from room to room, throwing open cabinets and drawers until she found what she was searching for.

Grabbing the scalpel, she gasped through the pain as she dragged the instrument over her sternum. ‘Get it out,’ she moaned quietly, ‘I have to get it out.’

She looked around wondering in the back of her mind how she ended up on an operating table – her operating table. Shock rushed through her as she realized that she was operating on HERSELF!

She disregarded the shadowy chest cutters after realizing that her chest was already open. She stared at the furtive pumping of her heart, painfully thudding through its cyclic beating.

She stabbed the scalpel into the agonized organ, digging through the hot flesh until she could fit her whole hand inside.

‘I have to find it, I have to!’ She called out.

Wrapping her hand carefully around a small figurine and tugged but it tugged back. She pulled harder until it bit her.

‘Ow,’ she mumbled. She pursed her lips, tightened her grip, and yanked the animal out.

She set the creature on the ground in front of her, taking short, shallow breaths until the pain receded enough to look at, not the small figurine, but a large grey wolf with silver marking around his nose and tips of his ears.

‘You’re free,’ she smiled, the pain forgotten.

‘Thank-you,’ the wolf said as he approached.

By the time he reached her, he was a tall and rugged-looking man with wild, cautious eyes.

‘You’re welcome, Brandon,’ she answered quietly.

‘And me?’ a second figure spoke up from behind the wolf-turned-man.

She looked toward the shadow and nodded before turning again to Brandon, ‘From this day forward, any services that you, or Jared, do will be your choice to make.

I don’t remember Brandon having a beard; Lyn thought as they embraced, shedding tears of joy for his new status.

The thought evaporated with the moisture in her eyes. Jared stepped forward and Lyn gasped at the shockwave of tingling that spread from the center of her body outward. Her heart felt like it would explode with the new yearning that filled her.

New arms wrapped around her, holding her with unearthly strength. ‘Now you are mine,’ he mouthed in her ear.

She felt red hot anger boil inside her and pushed the newcomer away. ‘I belong to NO ONE!’ she screamed.

Both Brandon and Jared appeared between her and the creature in front of her…

“AAAAAH!” Lyn squealed at the top of her lungs as cold water soaked her clothes, the strange dream forgotten. She stood and rubbed the ache from her chest. Growing pains, the doctor had told her, but she rolled her eyes at the words. It was his excuse for everything that ailed her: stuffy nose-growing pains; sprained ankle-growing pains; dislocated collar bone…

“Jeez, Lyn, get out of your head and lets swim!” Jes, her very annoying cousin, called from the swimming hole; the source of her rude awakening.

She’d fallen asleep while waiting for Jess and Don, her cousins and was glad to be awake.

She tried to remember what the dream was about, but all she could think of was a name.

I like Jared, she thought.

“You jerk, I’m gonna drown you for that!” she yelled just as she flew into the water, the dream, the pain, the faces, and the name forgotten.


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